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Thursday, 14 July 2016

EU’s REACH Called "Threat" to Chemical Innovation | Engineering360

"REACH, the European Union’s system of regulations governing the Registration,Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals. The set of rules took effect in June 2007 and calls for the phasing in of requirements governing the manufacture, tracking, transportation and eventual ban of chemicals deemed to be harmful to health and the environment.

Now, as additional mandates loom, the European chemical industry association, known by the acronym CEFIC, is calling the regulations an over-REACH that threatens to stymie innovation."

Poor and dangerous Complaint? :
"CEFIC Vice President Tony Bastcok goes even further, complaining, that chemical companies are now spending more money on regulatory compliance than innovation at a time when Europe is struggling to compete globally."  (Underdevelopped Country Stance!?)

I kindly ask participants and readers: 
"Who would wish to innovations which are possibly, or worse, potenially dangerous with no safety net!?"

"However, not all chemical companies want to see the European Commission delay the REACH registration requirements or alter the current list of substances to be brought into regulatory compliance.
German chemical maker BASF, ranked as one of the world’s largest chemical companies, remains supportive of the regulations.
“REACH aims to ensure that chemicals are handled in the EU without risks for human health and the environment,” the company said in a statement. “BASF welcomes the EU Commission’s decision not to impede the ongoing implementation of REACH and not to propose legal revisions to the regulation before 2018.”

The company says, however, that it’s concerned that REACH’s complexity may jeopardize the goal of strengthening innovation and competitiveness of EU’s chemical industry. 

NB I trust that the BASF company calling for simplification is not another attempt at passing the buck to avoid necessary health and saftey testing preferably by independent authorities?

EU’s REACH Called "Threat" to Chemical Innovation | Engineering360