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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

ChemWeb and The Alchemist

No serious website or blog about science and chemistry including my pages entitles "The Material chemists" can afford to ignore ChemWeb.com and it's attractive and functional, free house journal-newsletter, The Alchemist, cf Ref1 below.

In a major overhaul of my personal library I came across a paper version of "the alchemist-2001! cf.archives ref1. below)" (free online mag) . I went back to the site of which I am a registered member-(sadly too inactive). As a materials oriented person, fittingly, I found a couple of features on materials science one of which involved biomimetics (copying nature's processes to find improved processes (cheaper-less energy intensive) and products (improved properties) compared with existing choices.

"conch shells might be used as a model for creating composite materials as tough as steel but much less dense and perhaps far less costly to make in terms of energy and expense."
-Conch shell gives nano- insights into composite materials

The other concerned  storage materials involving nanotechnology

issue overview

biomimetics: Tough as conch

materials: Storage in a whirl

analytical: Water's secret scents

environment: Burning for nitrous

robotics: Testing times for tox robot

politics: Nuclear issues

1. Achives: Jan 1997-to date 
2. Chemweb.com back ground.
3.  ChemWeb and the Alchemist
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