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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011 Dan Shechtman

This post arose from my concern that my Nobel Prize widget was dated 2009 and did not up-date automatically. I have instead added RSS feed (1). The feed covers all prizes. My guess is that the Nobel site webmasters feel that scientists and engineers must have a wide cultural background, don't you agree?  I do.

This years Nobel in Chemistry goes to Dan Shechtman. for Quasi crystal discovery after a 25 year struggle for acceptance by the Scientific Community.

To celebrate this years prize is a true example of how science can and should be done. The finding and the work leading to its acceptance are truly interdisciplinary covering not only chemistry, metallurgy-metallic glasses materials science, microscopy (again) but also highly modern mathematics (Penrose patterns ) with a background history in art and design (Medieval Islamic patterns)
. Cf. The video on my wall above where this is particularly well explained, by Professor Sven Lidin, Member of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry, in the interviewed by freelance journalist Joanna Rose about the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to Dan Shechtman "for the discovery of quasicrystals".

If you have trouble finding the video currently top Left on my Video Wall here is a direct link:
This is a video not to be missed [LINK] and 3. below.

NB there are many other articles and features in the NOBEL.ORG (4) site eg. Chemistry Matters (5)

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