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Friday, 12 July 2013

Free for Chemweb members:Strategies for CO2 capture in microporous organic polymers is reviewed by a team of distinguished research chemists

Robert Dawson, Prof. Andrew I Cooper and Dave J Adams review the design and use of microporous polymers for pre- and post-combustion capture of CO2.

-Microporous organic polymers are promising candidates for CO2 capture materials due to their good physicochemical stabilities and high surface areas.
-They predict that ultrahigh-surface-area microporous organic polymers are good candidates for use in pre-combustion capture, while networks with lower surface areas but higher heats of sorption for CO2 might be more relevant for lower pressure, post-combustion capture.
- In their paper "Chemical functionalization strategies for carbon dioxide capture in microporous organic polymers"made available for free via ChemWeb the authors discuss strategies for enhancing CO2 uptakes including increasing surface area, chemical functionalization to provide high-enthalpy binding sites and the potential for pore size tuning.

1. Chemical functionalization strategies for carbon dioxide capture in microporous organic polymers (pdf)

2. Learn more about Polymer Functionalization
 Introduction to Polymer Functionalization: Motivations, Yield, Crystallinity, Solubility Issues, Common
Functionalization Approaches  (pdf) by Prof. Paula Hammond .
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